Report topics

Please pick one report topic from List A and one report topic from List B.

If you have any questions about the topics, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Och for List A (early modern in Venice and Dubrovnik) or Dr. Houghtalin for List B (ancient in Venice and Croatia). We will be happy to discuss these with you to help you determine your preferences.

After you have your report topics, you’ll meet with each of us one-on-one to review the topic, research questions, and bibliography. As you develop your report, remember that the overarching theme of the course is “empire.”

List A

1. Ca’ d’Oro and 15th-c. Venetian palace design

2. Santa Maria del Rosario, also known as the Gesuati and paintings by Giovanni BattistaTiepolo

3. The Church of Santa Maria della Salute

4. Porta della Carta, entrance to Palazzo Ducale

5. Collecting ancient art in Renaissance Venice

6. Jacopo de’ Barbari’s View of Venice, 1500

7. Jacopo Sansovino‘s plans for the Piazza San Marco

8. The building history of the Palazzo Ducale

9. The Jewish Ghetto

10. Ducal tombs in the Frari and/or SS. Giovanni e Paolo (called “S. Zanipolo” by the Venetians)

11. Verrocchio’s equestrian monument to Bartolommeo Colleoni (S. Zanipolo)

12. Titian’s Assumption of the Virgin in the Frari



13. Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli



14. Scuola di S. Giovanni Evangelista and narrative painting: Vittore Carpaccio, Miracle of the Relic of the Holy Cross (The Healing of the Madman) (c. 1496) , Gentile Bellini, Procession of the True Cross (c. 1496), Gentile Bellini, Miracle of the Cross at the Bridge of S. Lorenzo (1500), (paintings are in the Accademia; Scuola may not be open, courtyard may be visited)

15.  Tintoretto’s Miracle of St. Mark and Carrying of the Body of St. Mark (also called St. Mark’s Body Brought to Venice) (both 1548; for the Scuola di San Marco, now in the Accademia) and the myth of Venice




16. Scuola Grande dei Carmini and Tiepolo‘s paintings

17. Ca’ Rezzonico, architects Baldassare Longhena (17th c.) and Giorgio Massari (18th c.); paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo

18. The church of Santa Fosca on Torcello

19. 1797 and Napoleon in Venice — the Ala Napoleonica (Piazza San Marco); the looting of art from Venice’s museums and churches

20. Austrian rule in Venice — urban planning and new streets

21. Santiago Calatrava’s Ponte della Costituzione (2008)

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.16.16 PM     Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 5.16.46 PM

22. Dubrovnik’s city walls — Please note, this “Venetian” topic is actually in Croatia!  Rebekah


List B

1. Sculpture of Tetrarchs on San Marco, Venice

2. Arch of the Sergii, Pula

3. Amphitheater, Pula

4. Gladiatorial contests, Pula

5. Temple of Augustus, Pula

6. Punishment of Dirce mosaic, Pula

7. Forum, Zadar

8. Roman Banking, Zadar*/Argentarii.html

9. Paying the Roman Army, Burnum*/Stipendium.html

10. Peristyle, Split

11. Mausoleum, Split

12. Roman Baths, Salona

13. Aqueduct, Salona

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