Split, Croatia

The city of Split, Croatia is situated on the ancient Roman palace of the Emperor, Diocletian. An important port city, Split is also one of the oldest areas of the country. Founded as an original Greek colony, the Romans later settled the area and founded the province of Dalmatia, thus changing the name to Spalatum. Most famous for the Palace of Diocletian, Split had ancient Roman fortifications around the city.

Important landmarks, monuments, architecture:

  • Palace of Diocletian

Palace of Diocletian

Built by the Emperor, Diocletian in the 4th century AD, the Palace is a massive complex which was meant to be his retirement palace. The Romans later abandoned the site and it remained empty for several centuries. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Palace of Diocletian contains 3,500-year old sphinxes and ancient marble.

*Interesting fact: Used as one of the filming locations for HBO’s “Game of Thrones”


Source: ArtStor.org


Source: ArtStor.org


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