Salona & Burnum, Croatia

One of the ancient cities on the Dalmatian coast, Salona is situated nest the town of Solin, which is around three miles from Split, Croatia. Salona was once the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, which had a forum, a theater and an amphitheater.

The archaeological site of Burnum was once a Roman legion camp. The exact founding date of the town of Burnum is unknown, though the prevailing opinion is that Burnum was established around 33 BC. Burnum has many ancient ruins including arches and an underground aqueduct.

Important monuments, architecture:

  • Amphitheater
  • Roman Theater
  • Roman Baths


As a Roman city with defensive walls, Salona had a Roman amphitheater as well. The amphitheater would have sat 15,000 people and was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD. Now, only ruins remain, as it was destroyed by the Venetians in the 17th century.



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