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Veronese in London

There are quite a few paintings by Veronese that we’ll miss this summer — they’ll be at the National Gallery in London until June 15. Take a look at the NGL’s website and short videos to see what they have and to get a preview of some of the other works by him that I hope we’ll see, such as the ceiling paintings at San Sebastiano (near our hotel) focusing on the story of Esther.Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 5.07.40 PM Here’s a detail of The Crowing of Esther.



We’ll be on the Island of Torcello the morning of Friday, May 16. Here’s a short video to give you some idea of what you’ll see.


This island in the Venetian lagoon gives us an opportunity to think about what Venice might have looked like in the 5th and 6 centuries.

DSCN2204 DSCN2184

The image above left shows what survives of the ecclesiastical center of Torcello (8th-11th cs.), and the image at right is a view from the bell tower of Sta. M. Assunta.